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12 good reasons for choosing FBS pipes made of concrete or reinforced concrete


Sustainability means using natural resources to satisfy requirements but without a negative impact on the generations to come. A sustainable approach encompasses all stages of a product life cycle, from procuring and processing raw materials to utilizing the products and possibly continuing their use once the original phase of utilization has ended.

of concrete

Concrete as a construction material offers not only a number of economic advantages and useful material properties but also an outstanding eco-balance in its production. Building with concrete means preserving resources in a sustainable manner and protecting what is valuable. To find out more, read the expert essays by Professor Stein & Partner GmbH:

1. Economical
FBS concrete and reinforced concrete pipes are made of natural raw materials which are locally available anywhere (no dependence on imports or lack of resources).

2. Durable
FBS pipes have a service life of more than a hundred years.

3. Easily calculable
FBS concrete pipes are dimensionally stable and can be designed for all possible structural/load requirements and installation conditions.

4. Resistant to high-pressure flushing
FBS concrete and reinforced concrete pipes are highly robust and withstand flushing pressures of up to 300 bar.

5. Stable and non-floating
Due to their weight, there is no danger that the pipes will float or move during heavy rainfall or as a result of rising groundwater levels.

6. Versatile
The pipes can be produced in a large variety of nominal sizes, shapes and pipe lengths as well as for any load case.

7. Ecologically viable
FBS concrete and reinforced concrete pipes are produced of natural raw materials, facilitating energy efficient production methods and recycling.

8. Abrasion resistant
The material structure and the wall thickness allow for high flow rates and ensure that high amounts of sand can be transported.

9. Corrosion resistant
The pipes are suitable for draining communal wastewater and are resistant to solvents, cleaning agents and petroleum.

10. Hydraulically efficient
Smooth wall surfaces (roughness values < 0.1mm) enable free flow without deposits.

11. Temperature resistant
FBS concrete pipes are resistant to high temperatures and flammable liquids.

12. Watertight
Watertightness is essential for all concrete pipes.


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